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“Our vision at Add3 is clear ... Make the open financial system accessible to everyone 🚀🚀🚀.”

Valentino Cremona

Add3, CEO

Token Minting Made Simple

Repetitive and costly audits are a huge roadblock for new blockchain projects. All Add3 smart contracts are pre-audited and compliant. This saves teams a lot of auditing fees, as well as waiting times.

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Customize Token Details

Select your token name, symbol, blockchain, and specify the number of tokens. Click deploy and launch your own token within minutes.

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Enable Token Features

Specify admin wallets, and add multiple features such as minting, burning, or timelock period.

Select an Extra Audit

Get your parameters audited by one of our trusted auditing partners. No more waiting around for long auditing queues, skip right ahead and get your code checked and tested.

Import EVM Token

If you have an existing token, you can use Add3 to import your crypto token instead of minting directly on our platform. This allows you to use our Web2 environment to control all of your smart contracts in one place. This can be done from the admin panel.

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