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You're starting a blockchain project and realize you'll need developers to write custom code. To build your team, you want to create a utility token that will allow you to raise capital via a token generation event (TGE).


Unfortunately, you’re stuck. Starting out, you don’t have the funding to afford blockchain developers. Not even a few to code smart contracts for the TGE.


Using Add3, you deploy four no-code token contracts to make fundraising possible. First, you deploy a Minting Contract and mint tokens that can fund your project. You schedule token distribution via a Vesting & Distribution Contract. To promote participation and utility, you deploy a Staking Contract where users can earn rewards. To provide further utility, you deploy an LP Staking Contract to allow users to earn LP tokens.


By using Add3 you’ve quickly and easily:

Without Add3, this would have required development talent, months of wasted time, and thousands of dollars for development and auditing.

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