The Add3 Mission

Simplifying token management services


A team dedicated to helping organizations build innovative products.

We've seen first-hand how the approach to open financial system development is stuck in the same mindset as web development in the early 90s. Everyone is still needlessly coding everything from scratch.

We're here to bring the power of no-code to businesses, increasing the scale of creation and innovation in the blockchain landscape.

Add3 has standardized smart contracts. We offer these on our platform with our easy-to-use interface so our clients can customize their token products to meet all their needs.

Add3 is the platform we wished we had when we first started building in the open financial system.


At Add3 we believe in making the open financial system accessible to everyone & enabling businesses to thrive.

Add utility with ease

Add3 makes it easy to add new features to existing products with just a few clicks. Before Add3, projects still needed to dedicate resources and undergo lengthy and costly audit processes for simple product add-ons.


Add3 frees up the developer team to direct their energy to building out the flagship product. Without Add3, developers are often needed for 'busy work' having to create and customize commonplace functionality.

Lower barrier to entry

We encourage Web2 projects to test new ideas by lowering the barrier to entry. Without Add3, there's a high initial investment cost. Our end-to-end management enables fast go-to-market in the open financial system.

The Next Phase for the Open Financial System


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