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White-label your own dApp dashboard for users to monitor their staking, vesting, and distribution status.

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“Our vision at Add3 is clear ... Make the open financial system accessible to everyone 🚀🚀🚀.”

Valentino Cremona

Add3, CEO

Create Your Dashboard

Create and customize your own dashboard where end users can interact with your token products.

Inject Your Brand

Customize your dashboard with the company's logo and brand colors. Create a seamless experience for your community who won’t realize you’re using a third-party.

Create a Claim Dashboard

Allow end users to see and claim rewards in-line with your vesting and distribution contract.

Your Token’s DeFi Staking All in One Place

Users will be able to get a full overview of their staking rewards, APY, as well as any additional metrics you need.

Create a Contract with a custom Web2 Dashboard Today

Get building and provide an on-brand Web3 experience.

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