MICA Regulation - Europes New Crypto Laws

Learn about MiCA and how it is compatible with Add3.

MICA and Add3 compatibility

Add3 aims to democratize access to the open financial system, revolutionizing finance for all organizations. The proposed MiCA regulation by the European Commission establishes a comprehensive framework for crypto-assets, ensuring legal certainty, consumer protection, and innovation. Add3 aligns with MiCA by providing user-friendly platforms and tools for regulatory compliance. This compatibility allows organizations to focus on innovation and leveraging the benefits of the open financial system.

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“Our vision at Add3 is super clear ... make the open financial system accessible to everyone so organizations can focus on what they do best: Building great products 🚀🚀🚀.”

Valentino Cremona

Add3, CEO

How MICA and Add3 are compatible

MiCA and Add3 share the goal of making the open financial system accessible and promoting innovation in the crypto industry. Add3 provides tailored solutions for MiCA compliance, simplifying access to the design and ensuring regulatory clarity, and empowering organizations to leverage crypto assets within a regulated framework. Add3 promotes innovation. MiCA and Add3 are accommodating industry developments and regulatory changes. Their compatibility creates an inclusive and innovative financial ecosystem.

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