Add Utility with Add3


You're starting a blockchain project and realize you'll need developers to write custom code. To build your team, you want to create a utility token that will allow you to raise capital via a token generation event (TGE).You have a blockchain project already in progress and your engineers are working hard on custom features and functionality. The biggest issue is that progress has been slow. To maintain community engagement and offer utility, you decide to provide Staking and LP Staking opportunities. But to achieve this, two significant roadblocks stand in your way...


You know manpower, time, and budget won’t allow you to add more features that would enhance the overall product for users. You’re either stuck slowly building the MVP and potentially losing users or overextending your resources for additional functionality. Neither option will work.


Instead of distracting your team and diverting resources, you use a Staking Contract and LP Staking Contract from Add3. All this can be done using your existing token, contract address, and funds. Customized to your desired parameters, these two no-code products are pre-audited and require no external auditing whatsoever.


Your team adds Staking and LP Staking utility within a few days. There’s no hefty resource demand and deploying them doesn’t take up valuable developer time. Your community appreciates the new opportunity to participate in your project and earns rewards. This momentum drives your team forward. When you eventually launch your Alpha/Beta or MVP, you'll have an active community ready to support growth.

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