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Get instant access to crypto analytics for your EVM smart contracts that you use with Add3. No development needed.

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“Our vision at Add3 is clear ... Make the open financial system accessible to everyone 🚀🚀🚀.”


Valentino Cremona


Add3, CEO


Liquidity Pool Staking Analytics

Onchain analytics to easily track user staking within your liquidity pool. Use Add3 to filter data down by months or hours.

Blockchain Staking Analytics

Track your total number of holders, transfers and much more all within Add3. Being able to identify crypto KPI’s has never been easier.

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Smart Contract Vesting Analytics

Track total user engagement in your vesting contracts, see the total number of wallets that are active vs inactive within your EVM ecosystem.

Crypto Wallet Analytics

Both admins and user wallets can see total market capital, price changes, and exchange rates all from within our white label dApp for your investors + users.


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