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A suite of turnkey token management products ready for you to deploy

Focus on the real innovation while Add3 provides the functionality and infrastructure to launch and manage token products easily.

Add3 Platform

Unlock the Power of the Open Financial System

Optimization is the way forward. Here's why:

Save money

Save time

Stay secure

Add3 frees up engineering time. Your teams can now commit resources to creating your product.

Add3 empowers you to test all your new token product ideas, reducing the barrier to entry for startups, Web2, and traditional companies.

Cut out huge fees and long waiting times with Add3's fully customizable pre-audited smart contracts.

Build, launch, customize, manage, and analyze your tokens without needing to hire and pay expensive developer teams.

Go-to-market faster with Add3's ability to tackle development tasks quickly to complete your product.

Start revenue-generating activities quicker. With Add3's help and a few clicks, you can grow your business and community faster with customer insights.

Turnkey Web3

As a EVM smart contract management solution for Web3, we provide a turnkey way to launch your Web3 product in seconds.



Save BIG on development costs

Building in the open financial system requires expensive talent and know-how. Reduce the strain on your budget by using Add3’s customizable products.

“Our vision at Add3 is clear ... Make the open financial system accessible to everyone 🚀🚀🚀.”

Valentino Cremona

Add3, CEO

Fully compliant and audited products

Repetitive and costly audits are a huge roadblock for new blockchain projects. All Add3 smart contracts are pre-audited and compliant. This saves teams a lot of auditing fees, as well as waiting times. This enables them to focus on innovation.

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