Crypto Staking

Customize and deploy your own Staking contract in a matter of clicks.

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“Our vision at Add3 is clear ... Make the open financial system accessible to everyone 🚀🚀🚀.”

Valentino Cremona

Add3, CEO

Deploy Staking Contracts in Minutes, Not Months

Coding a staking contract from scratch takes considerable developer resources. Save time and money by using Add3 to deploy a staking contract in a fraction of the time.

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Provide Utility to Your Project

Boost community participation and reward users for staking their tokens. Give users a product that makes it easy to get involved in your ecosystem and earn rewards.

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Flexible or Fixed Staking? The Choice is Yours.

Want a flexible staking option? Or prefer to reward users for locking tokens for an extended period of time? With Add3, you can customize the staking contract to suit your strategy, business model, tokenomics, and community.

Access a User-Friendly dApp Dashboard

Use the Add3 dashboard so your investors can monitor their vesting schedule and easily claim available tokens — all in one place. It's simple and transparent for any type of user.

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Get building and provide an on-brand Web3 experience.

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