dApp Revenue Calculator

Calculate the income you’ll earn using our whitelabel dApp with your users.


dApps Meaning | What is a dApp?

dApps stands for: Decentralized Applications, they are web apps that don’t rely on servers, but instead work through a network of computers on the blockchain. dApps also utilize smart contracts and a frontend interface to provide their features.

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dApp Development | How do I Develop a dApp?

Traditionally, a dApp’s require you to build out all the features with a dev team which can be costly, and more importantly, time consuming. At Add3 we’ve developed a white label dApp so you can:

  • Access the tool free (Add3 has transaction fees, and you get to set your own commission fees)
  • Make money through custom commission rates you set
  • Customize your own branding and colors within the dApp
  • No-code, no development needed
  • Instant deployment

Decentral App | Cost To Signup?

Add3 has 0 cost for businesses using our dApp, we operate by taking a small transaction fee from the user. By keeping costs low and free in some cases, we help Web3 startups grow and focus on their marketing initiatives. You can view more on our pricing page.